Shipping & Returns


return policy

There are no returns or exchanges. This one of those things where you just want to keep it short and sweet, but at the same time, kind of explain it a bit. If you want the short version, then there you have it. If you want the longer version, then please proceed.
Generally, the average shoe that I design will take me 18 hours to create. That only counts the time where I have a brush in my hand, not the time where I am emailing you about the design ideas, ordering the shoes, going to the store and buying the supplies, or working out the layout, sketching, sealing the shoes, taking photos, editing them, uploading them to social networks and then my website, packaging the shoes, going to the post office and buying the postage and shipping them... it's a long and pretty expensive process. Say my average design is $160. It costs me $80-85 per each pair after the supplies, shoes (which I pay full retail for) and shipping. With 18 hours to design them, I get paid $4.16 and that's not including the general costs to run a business. Now as you can see, I don't get paid very much per hour. I am ok with it. I truly am. I love what I do. I am living the dream and I am not doing it for the money (obvs). Talk to any artist out there. Do they make art because there's incredible money in that? No. That's what neurophysics is for! (or is that for saving brains?) Whatever. I do this for helping people, bettering lives, making a difference and because it is what I have been called to do! What I CAN'T do though, is put in all of this work and time and then have a return and be out the money and the time. 
I need you to be sure of your size. If you don't know, then please go to a store that sells TOMS and have them size you or send them to me. I will deduct the $48 from the cost of course! It is your responsibility to make sure that you let me know your correct size. It is also your responsibility to communicate with me during the process about your happiness of the design. I send pics along the way of how it is all going so there is plenty of time before you receive them to let me know that you aren't happy with them. 

I have only received a return one time and it was my fault. They were a $230 pair of wedding shoes that I worked on for a solid 2 weeks and a year later, they are still sitting in my office. It's a painful reminder of my mistake. Please, please don't make the same one!


shipping policy 

I will ship to anywhere in the world! Within the 50 USA, I ship for free using USPS Priority shipping. I also offer insurance for an added $3.50. Rush orders are offered for an additional $40 and this covered the expedited shipping from TOMS ($18.95) and time that it takes to expedite the process (usually involves me working until 4am a few nights so that I can also work on my other orders as well). International orders are shipped via USPS Ground for $10 with an option of adding insurance as well as rush shipping for $50 via USPS International Priority.

processing time frame 

I am a stay at home mom first and foremost. I have a 3-4 hour time frame while my chicklets are in school that I get to be "Laura Jane, the super cool chick with awesome colored hair and an artist who is trying to make the world a better place". (oh is that just me who thinks that? dang it!) Then I put my mommy hat back on, help with homework and fix snacks, then cook supper, snuggle on the couch for a bit, tuck kidlets in bed, then rock my paint brush some more. I try to crank orders out as quickly as I can. 
Usually it's a 4-6 week turnaround, sometimes it can be 8 and during the holidays it can be 8-10 weeks. During the holidays, if you need something by Christmas, always start ordering in October!! Just a huge heads up!!! And also, it generally takes 10 business days for me to receive the shoes from so that's a big chunk of the time right there. PLEASE!!!! If you need something ASAP for a gift or wedding, please contact me! I am always happy to work with you and let you know what my current work load is (because is it extremely fluid), but I must know if you need it by a certain date ahead of time. I truly will work with you if I am able to and always try to do it without the rush orders if possible!