yeah, i don't blame you.
Ok, well let's count the reasons...

1. I love what I do, and that transfers into my work.
I don't get paid by the hour. (That's good for you, trust me!) I get paid til I am happy with my work. That may mean that the design is completed in 6 hours, or 16 hours. I am very meticulous and pay attention to even the smallest of details. In fact, my brush size is about the size of a toothpick and I use that on almost the whole shoe. It's kind of absurd, but it's how I do!

2. I am creative.
You know how the right brain is used for the creative side and the left is used for the... other stuff? Well, my left side doesn't get used quite as much. You can ask my husband. I am CONSTANTLY designing everything. My wheels are constantly spinning and I don't see things with a "normal eye" (according to the rest of my family). I see things in acrylic or how I would edit them... I just want to make the world a prettier place! It's like a disease, which is good for you... plus I love it!

3. I have an eye.
I have 2 actually. BUT, I have the eye for design. I have the eye to not only design something that is super rad and appealing, but I can also throttle it back and do something chic and elegant as well. I have the ability and talent to look at what it is that you want and execute it. I truly, truly love tattoo and vintage designs and blues and sea life, however if you are into hot pink or glitters or NFL logos, I got your back and will do it right!

4. I take pride in my work.
My work isn't work to me, it also isn't a hobby. While I may do things differently and act all cool and laid back, my work isn't. *I* may be laid back, but my work is professional. I don't cut corners and my art is never second rate.

5. I have fun.
If you have learned nothing of me so far, I hope that you have learned that I at least have fun. Actually, I hope that you have decided to hire me, but if not, then at least that I have fun with what I do. I mean, c'mon, if you can't do anything in life, at least have fun, right? Everyday is casual Friday around here and I am so laid back. It's just how I roll, hopefully you do too.

6. I am honest.
On the reals. It's how my mama raised me. Seriously. Plus, I am Southern and it's like Jiffy cornbread mix, you can't mix Jiffy and call it cornbread. It's a sin, you know. Thou Shall Not Use Jiffy.

7. It's personal.
Obviously, I care deeply about each of you. I support you, I support and want to help so many around the world and this is one way that I can in my season in life right now. I have dreams, big dreams, and this is a part of them, and so are you! I get that it sounds SUPER corny, maybe even kinda creepy (I hope not though). I just so super love what I do and this is a serious love and passion- a dream come true- and when I get to be a part of hearing your story- your passion, it's touching and incredible! It's a true gift!

8. We're a partnership here.
I couldn't do this without you. This dream, this passion- this is a partnership. With God's grace and mercy, with His love, and with your support, WE are able to make this dream a reality! Did you know that TOMS Shoes recently gave their 35,000,000th pair to a child in need? Yes, 35 MILLION!!! WE have been part of an EXTRAORDINARY movement and I thank you, TOMS thanks you!