Men's Custom Painted TOMS Shoes - Doctor Who Daleks

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DOCTOR WHO'S DALEKS TOMS Custom Hand Painted Canvas Shoes

I have to admit, I showed my age a bit while painting these. I always felt like I was pretty all in the up and up in the pop culture scene- and that sentence right there probably says I am not. But I have a strong affinity with the Winchester Brothers (Dean and Cas are the best!) and OUAT is my fave Netflix binge past time with my daughter, and who doesn't love some Parks and Rec (especially when I am painting) and my Pandora stations will put most moms and their teens to shame (facts are facts, what can I say)? But when it comes to the Doctor? I mean, I just didn't know the eleventh from the seventh or Rose from River. My daughter who is a so-called "whovian" (whatever that means) was elated when I got the request for this order and I was in the dark to put it mildly. All I knew was that her little sister, who is 5, walks around saying "sterminate, sterminate" all of the time and that my DVR is clogged with a million episodes and that I missed my finale of Hell on Wheels. (but don't you worry your pretty little heads, I got to see it). 
So anyway, I had to do some serious grilling with my teenager and watch a lot of youtube videos as well as read up on the Wiki in order to feel like I could bring some justice to these pups. That being said, I still don't feel like I know who all is who exactly, but I do know that the angels are supposedly bad, daleks are bad, the tenth doctor is the fave mostly, River is like some long lost daughter and Rose never got to hear that she was loved. 


The ins & outs of the process

Just select your size and I will do the rest! TOMS Shoes are always included in the price, and US domestic shipping is always included unless rush shipping is needed.

Each design is customizable so just shoot me an email if you have any questions and we will discuss the designs of the shoes or if you would like any customizations. 
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