I am so happy you are here! You will soon find that ChicKen ScRatch Studio is a little different than what you may expect. I am an artist, yes, but I am constantly and always evolving... which means my business is as it is a part of me. I believe that everyone has a purpose on this earth and part of that purpose is finding your passion. When your passion is found, everything changes- so long as you act on it. When my passion was found and my purpose realized, the light that was in me would never be dull again. So THIS, what you see, is my red hot fiery passion. It's more than just art work or painting TOMS or other shoes... there's a bigger picture.
I have learned that if you do nothing in this world, do something that inspires others, love a little more, don't just have a passion- but DO your passion and always try to extend grace and mercy. I want to do something that truly matters, makes a difference- and something that makes my soul happy. I've found it. It's working with you, through my art, and with TOMS Shoes, to help children here in the US and around the country receive shoes, health care and nutrition. It's also about helping people heal through the art. I receive so many stories from others wanting to bless someone in need or who is in pain and we partner together to help them shine just a bit brighter.  Thank you for partnering up with me and for trusting me to make you something incredible!

 Ok, now that you read a brief paragraph on what I do, let me go on ahead and make something clear.... the "us" that you will find everywhere is referring to just me, unless you count the parrot on my shoulder of course. So this business is ran by just yours truly, Laura (Jane) Craig, CEO, Artist, Chief Shoe Painter, the excited conservative hippie extraordinaire. I also find that I say "us" and "we" a lot out of habit. I have no clue as to why really. I have always ran this business by myself, never with a partner- I have always ran it with a baby and/or toddler in my lap though so maybe it is a partnership after all? Oh... and you will see some pics of me from time to time. I may have blond hair. I may have brown hair. Heck, I may even have red or electric pink hair. So uh, if you see a pic of a chick on here- it's me.

business time And now this... unless it's Wednesday, it isn't business time around here (calling all Flight of the Conchords fans). Oh wait... let's just not go there. I mean, ok look... I'm professional in what I do, but not in the fact that I run a tight ship and clock in at 8am and will have this uber professional speak in my emails. Nah uh. Look, it's laid back. It's always casual Friday around here. Aaaaand.... art is my PASSION. It is my love. It is the wind beneath my wings. It had me at hello. You, my dear, had me at hello. If you want to hear more mushy gushy goodness, and I know you do, I wrote a list of the top 10 reasons as to why you will want ChicKen ScRatch Studio to design your everything.

 I am in the midst of updating my website so that it is hopefully much easier for you to navigate and check out and all of that ooey gooey goodness. So until that is all complete, I don't have any new designs up at all and the website is missing like a ton of stuff! So please hop over to Instagram and Facebook. And you know how Facebook is. Hardly anyone sees the posts, yada yada, so you know... browse or pop in and say hey. Make me feel loved. 

ALSO:: Coming Soon!!! Lil Bits of pottery and earrings (for both stretched and non-stretched ears). I will only put up pieces as I make them, but you can always request pieces. I will be offering up some cool little bits of sugar skulls, owls and other pieces for wedding cake toppers and keepsakes that are all custom painted and hand molded out of clay. They will probably be up when the new website is. I don't do plates or things like that. My sis does though so you can contact her over at www.amandasanford.com! She also wrote a book, The Dragonfly Hunter, that is so adorable. Check it out, BUT turn down your speakers!