Holiday Orders


All orders needing to be received, wrapped and under the Christmas tree MUST be placed before MIDNIGHT, DEC 1ST*!!

According to the USPS, all Priority Mail packages must be received and shipped no later than Dec 21.

Every year, I offer a special through Dec 1 on gift cards.
You can choose to purchase a gift card of $100 or more and save $25 with code: MerryandBright. All holiday gift certificates purchased with this code are redeemable after Dec 24 and never expire!

Currently, for all orders with regular shipping, I have to receive them by Dec 1. It takes 10 business days to receive the shoes from and I currently have numerous orders to fill for Christmas delivery... and a few little ones who demand my attention and supper to be cooked. I know, the little heathens; no respect I tell ya!

I want nothing more than for you to give the perfect gift of custom painted shoes by moi, but as surprising as it may seem, I am actually not an elf and don't make everything on Christmas Eve and have Santa delivering goodies all over the globe within a 24 hour time frame. I share the same disappointment as you do. *If you just absolutely MUST have a gift by Christmas and you forgot about or didn't see the pesky deadline, PLEASE do not hesitate to email me! I may have an opening and the ability to purchase your shoes locally and depending on my current orders and the date, we may need to upgrade to rush shipping. I try to avoid rush charges at all costs so please!!!!! Just hit me up!

You can also purchase gift cards with the option to have a custom card mailed to your favorite person. I try to be super accomadating to everyone because I know what it's like to have the perfect gift in mind but not be on time... I mean, I am not on time to ANYTHING so I get it.... ok, that sounds really bad, THIS is the only thing I am on time with... probably doesn't sound any better. You get the idea though. So please, just email me, call me, text me, facebook stalk me, direct message me on instagram and like all of my selfies, send a carrier pigeon... whatever you need to do to get in touch with me and I will seriously try ever so hard to make your (or someone else's) Christmas wishes come true!!