most importantly:

your logo is the absolute NUMBER ONE most important graphic for your business. You can have a super cool rad product, but if your logo is lame, is that going catch your customer's attention before they know what is in the box or in your store? Not so much. Let me work on making that happen for you!
 Up to 2 mock ups with up to 3 rounds of edits.

Category 1 Logo$150 simple, catchy, minimal colors and usually a play on font and text with clean and simple shapes.
Category 2 Logo: $225 a bit more complex, with more detailed graphics and designs.
Category 3 Logo: $300 a logo with your desired font, text and colors, custom mouse drawn logo.
Character Logo: $450 and up
*All logos will be sent to you via email or CD, in psd and gif/jpg formats. Please note that all graphics are created in photoshop, not illustrator, resulting in a raster file. This means it will be created using dots per inch and can not be enlarged from the original size, but may be decreased in size or dpi. Please refer to our policies or contact me for more information.

banner ads are used mostly for advertising online. Okay, no, they are used exclusively for advertising online. Whether you are using them on other sites, forums, blogs or social media networks, that small stretch of screen is supposed to snag your target customers' attention and make them want to visit your store and see what you are all about!
Banner Ads:
468 x 60px and smaller $15
120 x 600px skyscraper $50
160 x 600px skyscraper $60
custom sizes $25
animation with up to 3 frames, add $25
same style in different sizes are $5 for each additional

photos are obviously how you show off your product. If you don't have a professional photographer (and let's face it, not everyone has one in their pocket) you can still produce quality photos with just a little bit of editing! Sometimes you may need the background extracted or you may need it brightened up... whatever your needs, I can do it for you!
Photo Edits:

the header is the top and main image of your website. If you need just a little something redone on your site, this is the perfect place to add something different! This is also a great place to start if you need to dabble in reworking your web store.
Header for Website: $150 and up

a homepage collage is where you really grab your customers' attention within only seconds of them seeing your site. You want to use this space and time to really showcase your products in the best light. You have so many ways to show off the best of the best on your site by doing it in a collage or splash page!
Static Homepage Collage: $150

the social media is taking the business world by storm! If you are not on the social media scene, you are way behind, my friend! This is the best and cheapest way to keep people in the know about you, your products, sales, and the 411 on your business. The best part of all of this is that it is free! It doesn't have to cost anything to keep up with your peeps but if you want to do it in a super cool way and make it look professional and match your branding, you will want to hire us to design your profile pic and landing/welcome page!
Facebook, Youtube and Twitter Fan Page Graphics:
Small Profile Pic: $35
Cover Picture with matching profile picture: $150

Etsy Graphics:
Etsy Avatar: $35
Etsy Banner: $150
Etsy Custom Listing: $15