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Do you have a hard time visualizing the concepts or ideas explained? That's ok! I know, sometimes I get so excited about the project and my mind just goes a thousand miles a minute and can't slow down. I try super hard to explain things well and no matter how hard I try or how well I think I am explaining it or how many links and photos I send, sometimes you can't visualize the outcome or maybe you just would rather be able to see what the shoes will look like before I begin sketching on them or begin painting them. Afterall, once the pencil and paint goes on the shoe, you just can't take it off!

If you would like for me to do a graphic rendering to show you want your shoes will look like, I would be more than happy to do that for you! It is $10 for each rendering. I don't mind making a few small edits to the shoes, but a complete layout change would require a new purchase of a new rendering design. I have yet for a customer to need to make a purchase and have never had an unhappy customer (thank goodness!!) but that is why our communications are so important!

You may be wondering what a "graphic rendering" is. It's basically a graphic or computer generated design of what your shoes will look like. I try to make them look virtually exactyly like the ones I send you and in the past, I have done a fairly good job at that, but keep in mind that there will be some minor alterations in the scaling. 


We have already figured out the designs, so this is where you would add the graphic rendering to your shoe purchase. All graphic renderings must be purchased in combination with your TOMS purchase. It generally takes me about 2-3 hours to complete a graphic rendering, so as you can see, the fee for this is more of a courtesy, which I absolutely do not mind at all, but one that I can not do as a stand alone purchase in case someone would like for me to make a design and then send to a different artist. I need to protect my artwork as much as possible. Once your purchase for the graphic has been received, I will order your shoes. Then, once it is your turn for me to begin on your shoes, I will then begin to design then and send you an email with your graphics enclosed and proceed from there. If you would like more information on how the process works, please check out the Help Center for more info or you can always email me. I am always just a click away! You also have the option to add on a graphic rendering to see what your design will look like before I begin the design so you can have an idea if you can't quite visualize it.