Gift Cards

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Want to give the gift that gives but don't know what style that special someone would like?  Then gift cards are a great option for you!

USE CODE: MERRYANDBRIGHT to save $25 on any gift card over $100 through November 28. Redeemable after dec 24 and never expires.

You can even purchase this for yourself if you would like to pay a little now and pay a little when you are ready to purchase! You can also choose whether you would like the card with code emailed to you or the recepient, or for $7.50 more, have a gift card created and mailed to the recipient. You can choose what you would like it to say on the inside. All cards are created by hand and unique to the individual!


Custom shoe orders must be placed by midnight on Dec 1 to have a guarenteed ship date of December 21. Shipping deadline information is for USPS Priority mail and more info can be found here.