Women's Custom Painted TOMS Shoes - Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt TOMS Custom Hand Painted Canvas Shoes

These were such a sweet idea for the lovely bride to be. Her fiance (now husband) sent her on a scavenger hunt on all of the places they went while dating. It started on their first date and when it ended, he proposed. One of the quotes was a clue that led her on the hunt and the other was the one that ended her hunt and began their engagement. How incredibly romantic! The side is part of the map and other other side is a claddagh to represent his Irish heritage. The backs are trees representing their families coming together and forming their own family tree. I truly don't think anything could be any sweeter! If you would like something like this, I would be honored to create something lovely and memorable for your big day!

*These shoes are now discontinued. They were mailed to me to design on. The price is for the design only and does not include the shoes. These were a custom so it would not be duplicated or replicated. I would be happy to design something unique for you.