Women's Custom Painted TOMS Shoes - Salvation

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White Snow Leopard Canvas TOMS (as shown) are no longer available:

Salvation TOMS Custom Hand Painted Canvas Shoes

How amazing is it that through the blood of Christ, we have been redeemed, restored and forgiven?! It amazes and humbles me. The gifts we have been ransomed for. What was purchased in our name… it leaves me speechless at times when I think of the magnitude.

So the other night I was making a big ole pot of spaghetti and had on my white snow leopard TOMS. I had never painted them and didn't really want to. I actually liked them plain. BUT my spaghetti protested that and decided to jump out and splatter on the tip top toe of my shoes. Being that I can't wash them, I PAINTED them! You see that anchor? That's almost identical to my tattoo I have. I love it. I love the tattoo art and traditional style so I stayed true to it in this design.


The ins & outs of the process

Just select your size and I will do the rest! TOMS Shoes are always included in the price, and US domestic shipping is always included unless rush shipping is needed.

Each design is customizable so just shoot me an email if you have any questions and we will discuss the designs of the shoes or if you would like any customizations. 
Please click here for more information on the process.