Women's Custom Painted TOMS Shoes - Love Birds

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LOVE BIRDS Custom Hand Painted Wedding Canvas TOMS Shoes

Quirky lil love birds!
I love doing bridal shoes! There is so much amazingness about being asked to design a pair of shoes that reflect the bride's outlook, wishes and intent for her wedding and also being a part of her big day that I love! You know how the bride needs something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? And the person providing that is honored for doing so? I feel honored to be able to provide the personalized, the customized, the quirky, the different. It's not something traditional and not something expected, but it is something that means a lot and is something that I work with, alongside the bride to perfect and have exactly the way they want. 
With this pair, I worked with her to figure out exactly what she wanted. She was having "a quirky love affair"... two love birds getting hitched. I loved it! I wanted to run with the love bird theme and go with her two main colors, red and turquoise and go with the quirky idea. The bride has a floral crown and a red glittered tail with glittered polka dots on the front. The groom has a bow tie and shades of turquoise in the wings. The large flowers are shades of blues, reds and whites with rhinestones. The banner is accented in a vintage technique with her new name across as well and the sides have LOVE across each side in 2 different sides. The trims on the sides are done in red with the fronts done in turquoise.
If you would like a pair of your very own customized Love Bird TOMS, just holla! I can't duplicate the exact design of course since these were designed specifically for the bride, but I would love to create a pair just for you! The options are endless and up to you! Just shoot me an email and we will discuss the design of your shoes, then I will sketch it all out and get it painted up for you!

The ins & outs of the process

TOMS Shoes are always included in the price, and US domestic shipping is always included unless rush shipping is needed.

Each design is customizable so just shoot me an email if you have any questions and we will discuss the designs of the shoes or if you would like any customizations. 
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