Women's Custom Painted TOMS Shoes - Giraffe and Parrot

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Pediatric Dentistry Logo Custom Hand Painted Canvas TOMS Shoes

These were created very specifically based off of a logo for a dentist office and can not be duplicated. If you would like your very own pair of giraffe and/or parrot TOMS, all you have to do is send me an email and I would love to hear what you would like on them to make it happen!
During our wonderful years in Fort Worth (Keller to be exact), we had the most wonderful pediatric dentist we could ever dream of. The entire office was so much FUN! I mean, could you ever really imagine looking forward to going to the dentist? All three of my children loved everyone there and the dentist, Dr Mack, was just a delight! We love her so much! She didn't treat us like a number or even like the cliche of family, she treated us like we were long time friends. My son is a huge New Orleans Saints fan and she was always asking him about stats. She remembered that we were from Mississippi and would ask about life back home, or that my youngest daughter was always dreaming of being a mermaid and that my oldest was at the top of her class. She was funny, encouraging and overall one of the best parts of living in the DFW area. I admit, I cried when we left because I knew we wouldn't find anyone better. My youngest had to have some very extensive dental surgeries at a really young age and Dr Mack was so supportive during the time and understood my concerns and listened to everything. When my little one woke up scared with her mouth full of metal work, Dr Mack quickly calmed her down by telling her that she had new princess teeth. All of these years later, she still takes extra good care of her princess teeth and shows them off. You don't find people like that everyday.
So a year after we received orders to move 3 hours away to Oklahoma and I got an email from Angie, the office manager, that Dr Mack wanted to get the whole office custom TOMS for their grand opening for their new office, I was of course super excited! I did the whole front in their giraffe and parrot logo with rain forrest foilage cascading around them. I drove back to Fort Worth to hand deliver them and check out the new office. It was stunning and everything was decorated around the new logo. It all looks so awesome and the office now matches how fantastic the staff and Dr Mack is! If you are local to the DFW area, I hope you get to go and visit them. Truly, the best ever and I have always been a bit jealous of my own kiddos that I couldn't ever be a patient there!
Dr. McAnthony Pediatric Dentistry

The ins & outs of the process

TOMS Shoes are always included in the price, and US domestic shipping is always included unless rush shipping is needed.

Each design is customizable so just shoot me an email if you have any questions and we will discuss the designs of the shoes or if you would like any customizations. 
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