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DMB CRASH TOMS Custom Hand Painted Canvas Shoes

If you follow my instagram account, you may find that I love Dave Matthews Band. I have since I was just a kid... 1994 to be exact.
When I designed these shoes, I wanted to definitely do lyrics and the Firedancer (because you can't do a DMB pair without either of those!!!) but choosing DMB lyrics is almost dang impossible. I already did a pair with 2 of my fave songs, this time I wanted to do a pair that served a few purposes- 1, I wanted it to look pretty written (I love writing and the art of hand lettering) and 2, I wanted the lyrics to be more about the music and happiness and less about the lovey dovey-ness (ya heard?). So many of the Dave songs I dearly love are love songs, but I wanted FUN and wouldn't you know it, I chose CRASH! HAHAHA! I just crack me up! I do love sugar skulls and their beauty though (stay with me, don't get weird) and I really wanted to incorporate a beautiful sugar skull on one of the shoes alongside the Firedancer with several traditional-style roses and banners. I absolutely love Mexican art and old-school tattoo style. It is truly so beautiful to me and while I don't have my body covered in it, my shoes sure can be! So I added everything I loved in the design. One of the silly things I do is finding so much humor in puns- like the cheesier, the better. So when I chose this song and knew fo sho that I wanted a sugar skull in there, the next thing I knew I wanted was a banner underneath with the lyric, "Bare boned and crazy" under the sugar skull. It's the little things, ladies and gents. 
I haven't been able to make a pair of TOMS for myself or even paint anything for myself in over 2 years and when the tour schedule came out, I set aside a few days for me to paint myself a pair in time for the concert. Granted, I completed them a few months before the concert so they will be well broken in, but hopefully not too stinky. I hope I will get to hang out by the tour bus afterwards and snap a pic with the crew. I will totally bring a pen in hand and I am NOT too proud to shove a foot and beg for an autograph. He's been cool in the past about it with others, hopefully this year I will get my chance! 

UPDATE!!! MAY 16, 2015

So, in order to do this update justice, I just have to share the whole she-bang of a story. 

I have this amazing husband. I refer to him as "Stud"... because he is one. Every year, so long as he isn't deployed, he buys us tickets to see DMB in concert. We absolutely make it our couple vacation, even if it's only for a day or two. We only recently moved to Oklahoma and it's been fairly rough moving further away from friends and family. It's what I have come to expect with 18+ years in the military, but that doesn't mean it comes any easier. So when the tour dates came out, I asked if it would be ok to go to 2 concerts this year, one to the tour opener in Austin where we would also visit my best friend for a few days and then one to Dallas where my youngest sister could fly in and then come back to Oklahoma and stay a while. After a few failed tries at planning everything, it just didn't seem like it was going to work out and I was so incredibly bummed and upset and did a pretty lame job at hiding my disappointment at not being able to spend a few days with my sister.

My birthday is at the end of April and he always gives me concert tickets for my birthday, however, in the beginning of April, he handed me the tickets to Austin, so of course I wasn't expecting anything else. When the night of my birthday came around, he gave me several gifts (that were amazing and he well outdid himself as always) and inside one of the cards covered in our song (a DMB song of course), were 2 tickets to the Dallas show. I overlooked the location at first and then at second glance saw it said Dallas instead of Austin. I was so excited and completely shocked. I was going to get to see 2 shows! It was more than I could ask for, even without my sister, we would make the best of what's around! :)

So May rolls around and we head down to Texas to visit my best friend that I haven't seen in well over six months and we had a wonderful time visiting and laughing like we haven't been able to in so long. The kids had a blast with their old friends and it was so good getting to hang out again. The day of the Austin concert, the weather was absolutely dreadful with the rain pouring and crazy emails and updates saying that the concert was postponed, then on again, etc. It was a hectic day to say the least! Finally, we got word that it was on and we headed to the venue hours before the gates opened to mingle with fans and have fun- the things you do at DMB concerts! So the gates opened and I headed to the food donation tent and met a sweet lady where I exchanged information with her about my custom TOMS (who later ordered a pair even) and then met new friends in line and got the best seating and enjoyed the show for hours!

The next day we continued our fun with our friends and kidlets and then headed on over to DFW CRAZY early in the morning. I am talking like 7 am. I could not understand why, for the life of me, we had to leave at 7 am, if the concert began at 6pm. Sure, we had to take our kiddos to another friend's house who lived there locally, but that's only an hour's time. So I went along with it. Before I know it, we're leaving Ft. Worth and heading to the airport. I asked why and Stud said we were taking a short cut. Who am I to question him? So I didn't care, whatever. I was texting my sister about tie dying underwear (hahaha don't act like you don't do that!) and then it dawned on me! I said, "Libby, are we picking you up?! Are you here???!" She blew me off. Minutes later I just got out of the truck and started running in what I hoped was the direction she was in and then I saw her. Thankfully, she was there! Tears of the most joyous of tears streamed down my face! Can you believe what an amazing, studly husband I have? I know.

So we had literally like an hour to go to the hotel, change, eat and get to the venue. We made it! We got there and got the best seats on the muddiest hill, right where we got to see everyone slip and slide and dance. I admit, i slipped and slid a few times myself. I think I even broke a toe or two. We danced, we laughed, we had the best of times. It was pure magic.

After, I told my sister and husband that I remembered from the last time that Dave and sometimes the other band members would come outside by the tour busses and meet the fans and I would like to wait to see if they would do it again. We waited for what I thought was only about 30 minutes, but I guess it was closer to about 2 hours. Time flew because we met several people who lived next to our town and some really fun and colorful people. Seriously, DMB people are just a blast!

So... we waited... and it paid off! All of a sudden, people crowded the barricade and I heard a really DEEP voice and there he was. I waited patiently, shoes in hand (with my pen) and then he climbed over the barricade to get closer to the fans and then BAM! He looked over and he saw me. I admit, it was surreal. Not to go all fan girl, but he was all, "I like your style" and I think I said something, but at this point, I don't remember what. My sister took my shoes and asked him to sign them because I was just stupid and couldn't speak. He took them from her and looked at me and was like, "Oh, so you're one of those TOMS people?" and I was just like yeah. That's it. HELLO!? And then he autographed them and drew a rhino (because of his white rhino cause), then he autographed and drew on my sister's blanket. It was funny and silly and awesome. He said something about us being sisters and we mentioned how she flew in to surprise me, and he misunderstood and was like, "Surprise sisters? well that's the best kind!" At that point it got so hectic and really swarmed so we just hugged and left (after a pic) but it was pretty awesome!!

I mean, I am so blessed by the friends and family I have and by the memories I will always keep with me from that wonderful week. I wanted to share about how not only that incredible week was, but also how a simple pair of shoes helped to create memories and impact something like that. It's super crazy everytime I think about it.


If you would like a pair of your very own DMB TOMS, just holla! The options are endless and up to you! Just shoot me an email and we will discuss the design of your shoes, then I will sketch it all out and get it painted up for you!

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