Women's Wedding Custom Painted TOMS Shoes - Bridal Swirls

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The Bridal Swirls TOMS Custom Hand Painted Canvas Shoes

shoe color will be natural as a default, or you can upgrade to colored TOMS or hand painted WHITE glitter overlay

Getting Married?
These are something special to always have and remember for your special day.
"Mrs." and your new last name is elegantly hand painted across the top-fronts of both shoes in your choice of either gold or silver. Below the name, I then hand paint 2 large flourishes with several swirls in the same color. Close to 50 clear rhinestones in various sizes are securely adheared to the shoes to accent the flourishes.
The heels will have your established date in the matching paint colors as the front.
Since it is not recommended to customize TOMS glitter line of shoes and the white canvas shoes have since been discontinued, if you would like to do a white wash of paint and glitter overlay, it is $30 additional. I have included 2 photos to show close up images of what the shimmer and white wash looks like on the natural canvas shoes. It has a very nice finish with the high gloss protect that I also add once the gloss is applied.
You may also choose to have the satin wedding TOMS as well, but please email me first so that we can discuss the colors available and the options you would like since the inventory at TOMS.com is often very limited.

The ins & outs of the process

Just select your size and I will do the rest! TOMS Shoes are always included in the price, and US domestic shipping is always included unless rush shipping is needed.

Each design is customizable so just shoot me an email if you have any questions and we will discuss the designs of the shoes or if you would like any customizations. 
Please click here for more information on the process.