journey of chicken scratch
about the artist
about the artist

Welcome to Chicken Scratch Studio! My name is Laura Jane Craig, and I’m the artist behind this little art gig with a big dream of helping others through TOMS One for One Movement! I started this business by many, many avenues, as you can see by the timeline above. I have always had the strong desire to create- create anything, whether it was the most epic mudpie when I was younger, or a super trendy baby carrier that was unlike anything yet on the market, fun and original websites for new entrepeneurs or painting unique shoes that serve multiple purposes. All I have ever wanted to do was to make beautiful things with this talent I have been given and to help make people’s lives better because of it.

We have a duty on this earth to be a light and to make this a better place than when we left it. I am certainly not the best person at this and I fall short every single day, but I am going to try my hardest to turn the tables, and I know we can. It takes an effort, a big one on everyone’s parts, but you can start small. That small seed will grow!

The core of who I am is being creative, loving with everything that I have, striving to help others, being empathetic and helping others heal through their pain. I have supported TOMS Shoes and loved everything that they stood for for years. I began painting TOMS many years ago, but didn't do much with it outside of painting for a few friends and family. A few years ago though, my daughter was in an accident that rocked my world and changed everything. Painting became my love, passion, cause and even therapy. I love that I get to hear people's stories of survival and help them to heal and tell their story by painting their story on their shoes, or spread their message of faith so they can continue to walk and talk the love of Christ. I love that I get to have friendly banter with NCAA and NFL fans out there who are my rivals or cheer with my "team mates". I get to help make someone's birthday or Christmas a little happier, I get to help surprise a girlfriend or make a sweet gift for a wife or husband, create a memory for the new bride or welcome a baby. There are so many cherished memories, stories and lives that my art now gets to be a part of and with each pair, so much of my heart and soul goes into them. The incredible part is that with each and every single pair, there is hope and love and a contribution to a child's future as well! It's not just that a child gets a new pair of shoes- it isn't that simple. A child gets a promise of protection from harsh walking conditions, future shoes, health care, nutrition and so much more. Each order blesses so many people- that child, their mother/father, the shoe giver, TOMS, me, you and so many in between. Jobs are given abroad to the makers, to artists in Haiti, to givers, there is HOPE with every pair. My life motto- my life revolves around hope. 
"For in this hope we were saved." Romans 8:24
There is hope because He is Hope. There is hope in His Name!

This is more than just me painting or doing something that I like or even love. This is a blessing. This is a gift. This is healing. This is a calling. This is my passion. This has been my revelation.
This is so much bigger than we can ever imagine!

Thank you so much for your continued support! TOMS is now giving in the US more than before and has also given over more than 35 MILLION pairs of shoes to children in need! If you would like to learn more, please click on the links below.

Save the children and TOMS.com

little minions
about the family
So.... now that you know about LJ the artist, how about me the mom and wife and all those other hats.... I am also a mother of 3 and wife to a loving and supportive husband, AKA "Stud". My family and I recently transferred from Fort Worth, TX to Oklahoma City. My husband is a 20 year chief in the US Navy Seabees and has served multiple tours overseas. My oldest is 15 and coaches soccer, plays and coaches soccer, as well as serves in the Student body council at school and is a leader in FCA. My son is 11 and is going to be a professional football player for the New Orleans Saints... and he is a math wiz. I mean, like it's his hobby. My youngest is 7 and if it sparkles, glitters, sings, or has anything to do with cupcakes or mermaids, she loves it. And she also 100% believes that she will become a mermaid anyday because her mama is already one. When she grows up her only job in life will be to swim and sing. If she "must" get a human job, then it will be as a lifeguard. Kid's got it figured out!
And when I'm not painting, I spend my days reading, dancing and singing with my kiddos, playing Suzie homemaker in my pearls and heels (let's get real... I'm usually in my PJs and covered in paint), shuffling kids to and from football games and soccer practices, church, tea parties, school, coaches little league soccer and then eventually, I get to settle in for some snuggle time on the couch with Stud... phew!

It really has been a gift to stay at home with my children and do what I love. I never forget where I came from and don't ever forget to thank The Big Man upstairs for all that I have.